Praise be to God Most High!!! Praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Praise be to The Holy Spirit!!! Praise be to The Holy Trinity!!!

This post’s heading had been created long back, almost 2 months back. But I never came to adding content in it, and it lay in my drafts. In between, a lot has changed, personally for me as well as in our world. Maybe, it needed a genuine calling and time for me to publish this post.

Meanwhile, I updated and added other posts, but never forgot this one. Because this is a special post. It is something that each one of us is called to do as our first duty as Christians – Proclaim the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

In a secular country like ours, Christians have often been criticized for the missionary work they do, derogatorily termed as ‘conversions’. We are accused of destroying the secular fabric of our nation, of trying to forcibly convert the downtrodden by luring them with money, education, health-care, etc. The good that we do is portrayed to be evil. Whereas people who divide society in the name of religion, practice ethnic cleansing and differentiate on caste and creed go scot-free. And what’s worse, is that Christians themselves do not stand up for the missionaries. I’ve heard many a Christian say, “Ours is a secular country. Why should I create problems for myself by preaching my religion? Isn’t it enough that I believe in Jesus Christ, and I am saved?” Some have even gone to the extent of saying that it is wrong to preach our faith!!!

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He Never Says ‘NO’

Believe me when I say that this has been the toughest post to pen until now… I had the idea of this post and what to write about almost 2 weeks back… But I just couldn’t put myself to write it… Call it the Evil One at work or me fighting my temptations, or my faith being at such a low that writing about this post becomes next to impossible, whatever may be the reason, I was finding it difficult to put these words down. Even now, unnamed fear grips me and tries to pull me away from my screen…

So what is so difficult about writing this post? What is the revelation that I am going to make that my very faith has been put at stake? What is this Word from God that requires me to draw out all my inner strength and being to put down these words? It is these 4 simple words, “He Never Says ‘No'”

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Fighting Temptations

Praise the Lord all ye people!!! He Lifts the humble and the lowly!!! He gives refuge to the lonely!!! And the sinner He forgives over and over!!!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

For quite some time now, I’ve again been see-sawing like on the swing with regards to my Faith. Its been really difficult at times to keep my trust in the Lord, and in His promises, especially when human realities, the situation around me, all try to scream aloud the exact opposite of what The Lord tells me. But thanks to His grace, I’ve never succumbed. Until now, that is.

I have always been perennially beset by 2 demons, even before I was on The Lord’s path – the demons of Anger and Immorality. For the past 2 months now, I’ve kept them in check, with The Lord’s grace. But recently, I had course to be tempted by them, and to my regret and dismay, I say that I failed.

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The Only True King

If you were given just one last wish by the most powerful being you ever knew, what would you ask for? Just one wish, which could make or break you; what would that one wish be? Would you wish for wealth and fame? Or would you wish for long life and good health, or for all your problems to be solved? Would you wish for wisdom, knowledge and intelligence? Would you wish for all the love in the world? Would you wish for happiness forever? What would you wish for?

Jesus is that King, that all-powerful being. He can give you anything, all of the things mentioned above, and even more. But do we really need these things? Is any of the above things the most important to us? Is this why Jesus came down on earth, lived among us, and died for us? Is this why He is the Eternal King, the one true King?

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Faith Alone…

Dear reader,

For quite sometime now, I haven’t been able to pen down anything. Had not reached any block of any sorts, but maybe the faith I had in Christ My Savior had ebbed a bit, leading me to thoughts of human understanding, failures, despair and general apathy. I beseech you, dear brothers and sisters, to pray for me, that my faith and hope in our Lord never wavers, or goes down… I have been recently beset by the demons of doubt & failure, but thanks to Our Lord, I’ve looked up to Him and found strength.

Faith in Him is all He desires, Love of Him should burn in us like a fire. Faith is not a destination, but an ongoing journey. It needs reaffirmation every morning, and needs to be worn on our sleeves the whole day, and taken to bed at night. It is a journey fraught with perils, beset by doubts and surrounded all around by failures. But the doubts, perils and failures are not on The Path, but only around it. It is when we waver from The Path that we step on these doubts, perils and failures. But the hand of The Lord is always there, to hold us, to bring us back, to save us.

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If you never…

A friend sent this to me… I thought it was just too beautiful to let it pass… Personally, it put the questions in my heart to rest… Hope they help you too…

If you never felt pain, then how would you know that I am Healer?

If you never felt pain, then how would you know that I am a Healer?

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Yesterday, i.e. on the 12th of January, 2009, The Lord showed me how much He cares for Me and how much I am under His protection!!! Now, a day prior, I had been to the Neighborhood Youth Day of my deanery, where His Lordship, Bishop Bosco Penha had celebrated the mass. In his sermon, what struck me most was his exhortation to us to do everything in Jesus’ name – our eating, drinking, playing, traveling, working, etc. He said when we offer it to Him, He will always work wonders for us.

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